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    This trunking for both continuous trunking and individual mounting are pre-wired sections. The sections can be easily clicked together using the integrated electrical / mechanical coupling components. Flat ribbon cable (five wires 2.5 mm), and contact blocks with click connection make electrical connection and connection to the mains quick, simple and safe (if 3 phases are used equalized the maximum current is 16A).



    White painted steel reflector: high quality white painted steel symmetric reflector can provide sufficient illuminance for workplaces
    White painted steel reflector slotted: features slots for slotted reflector provides uplight while delivering efficient general lighting. The air flow through the slots (chimney effect) keeps the reflector and lamps clean for a longer period which means a reduction in maintenance costs
    Optic reflector: reflectors with M2 or M6 louvres can be also mounted in TTX188 trunking system. These attachments offer the possibilities to shield the lamps, and therefore improve comfortability, especially with OLC technology. Optic reflector is available in 1-lamp and 2-lamp versions
    Aluminum reflector asymmetrical and symmetrical: high glossy aluminum reflectors are designed for applications where you acquire a high efficient performance


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