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HDK472 / 473 / 474 – Ultra-convenient industrial modular luminaire


      Product family information

      This modular range of high-bay industrial HDK luminaires is ideal for use in large indoor areas and is designed to work with 250 or 400 W sodium, metal-halide or mercury vapor lamps. Produced with high-quality materials, it offers two reflector options: open (GDK472) or closed (GDK473), and may be accompanied with a glass front (GDK472 PG or GDK473 PG), depending on the reflector. The HDK472/473 model features a tube suspension system (ZDK472 SPR), or track/rail (ZDKEH 473). The HDK474 model is made of cast aluminum, for use without ballast housing.


      Modular luminaire for various types of industries
      Available in two beam apertures: open (WB) and closed (NB)
      Box with equipment offering perfect heat dissipation
      Off-axis lamp socket to prevent sparks


      Polished and anodized high-purity aluminum reflector
      Option of protective 5 mm tempered glass
      Stainless-steel clips and fasteners
      Emergency equipment option (R-EL)


      General industrial areas
      Covered sports fields
      Storage areas
      Product family details
      • HDK472
      • HDK474
      • GDK472
      • GDK473
      Light source
      • 1 x 250 W / 1 x 400 W HPI-P – SON
      Mains voltage
      • Electromagnetic 220 V / 50-60 Hz
      Optical cover
      • 5 mm tempered glass
      Materials and finishing
      • Housing: treated steel plate
      • Finishes: special anti-corrosive, black finish (HDK472). Polished and anodized high-purity aluminum reflector
      • Rim of the glass: cast aluminum sealed with felt
      • Stainless-steel clips and fasteners
      • E40 reinforced porcelain lampholder, nickel-plated brass alloy screw with central copper-plated telescopic contact
      • Stainless-steel stabilizing anti-vibration spring for lamp
      • Suspended by means of threaded tube with Ø 19 mm (3/4”) with accessory (ZDK472), or fixed directly to the ceiling or track with accessory (ZDK473)
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