MBS150/151/152 SmartPoint

SmartPoint MBS150/151/152

SmartPoint MBS150/151/152

  • MBS150/151/152 SmartPoint


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Product family information

SmartPoint is a series of versatile and attractive downlights which can bring out the best of your products. It comes with a highly effi cient refl ector that incorporates a total Philips solution, to deliver a reliable lighting system. SmartPoint is suitable for double ended metal halide lamps, MASTERColour CDM-T and CDM-R30 lamps.


Precise optics design with good beam angle control give enough bright and contrast to highlight the best of your products
Philips T15 ignitor with automatic end-of-life protection
Die-cast ALU material for long-lasting finishing and better heat dissipation
2-axis continuously-adjustable design to direct light where it is most needed


Shopping malls
Public areas

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