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Smart Spot LED BBG360-366 C

Smart LED Spot – a really simple switch

Smart Spot LED BBG360-366 C

      Product family information

      The Philips Smart LED Spot is an affordable solid state lighting solution with reliable qualities. With its trendy design and good light performance, Smart LED Spot lets you achieve a variety of different lighting effects, from surface grazing to direct illumination of target spaces or objects.


      60% energy-saving compare to halogen fixtures
      No UV/IR or heat radiation
      ELV dimmable
      Maintenance free


      High-quality high-power LED accent downlight with independent LED driver
      Flexible optional choices of optics and colors
      Lifetime over 50,000 hours (70% lulmen maintenance) at Ta=25oC


      Museum lighting
      Shop lighting
      Accent lighting areas
      Product family details
      • Uni version: BBG360 (stand alone) / BBG361 (kit)
      • Trio version: BBG360 (stand alone) / BBG363 (kit)
      • Hexa version: BBG360 (stand alone) / BBG366 (kit)
      Light source
      • Uni version: 1 x Rebel
      • Trio version: 3 x Rebel
      • Hexa version: 6 x Rebel
      Light color (average)
      • Warm white: 3000 K
      • Cool white: 6000 K
      Power consumption
      • Uni version: 3.4 W (3 luminaires + 1 driver)
      • Trio version: 8.2 W (3 luminaires + 1 driver)
      • Hexa version: 17 W (2 luminaires + 1 driver)
      Driver current
      • 750 mA
      Power supply
      • 220-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
      Beam angle
      • Narrow beam 10º
      • Medium beam 25º
      • Medium beam 36º (for Hexa version only)
      • Lighting controls: dimmable 20-100% with select Trailing Edge RC devices
      • Push-in connector or with pull relief
      • Housing: aluminum
      • Optics: PMMA
      • Silver, brushed aluminum (SI), black (BK), white (WH)
      • Recessed in wall or ceiling
      • Operating temperature: -10ºC < T
      • Optical assembly can be adjusted by +20º after installation
      • 50,000 hours (70% lumen maintenance at T
      • 30 W and 10 W drivers with splitter
      • Extension cable (2 m) with splitter
      Main applications
      • Retail, hospitality
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