LuxSpace Accent CrispWhite – Experience intense whites and rich colors

LuxSpace Accent CrispWhite

LuxSpace Accent CrispWhite

Product family information

Retailers are increasingly having to contend with rising energy prices. At the same time, they need to retain high-quality lighting to catch the customer’s eye, as well as flexibility in architectural integration. Fashion retailers generally want superior light sources that illuminate fabrics in the truest way possible, making colors appear rich and intense while keeping whites bright. A warm color temperature is often preferred, as it keeps colors true and saturated. Until now, a drawback of LED has been that whites can appear yellowish. The good news – that’s about to change. CrispWhite is a unique concept in retail lighting that makes whites appear whiter than white, yet still gives colors a warm and saturated intensity. This new color experience will wow customers and make merchandise impossible to resist.


Attract shoppers with high-quality light that accentuates intense whites and rich colors
Luminaire design blends discreetly into the store
Good energy performance, matching CDM Elite while offering much longer lifetime


Optimized light spectrum for intense white light and rich color rendering
Efficacy of up to 80 lm/W, thanks to very Hi-LOR reflectors (up to 90%)
Lumen packages from 1200 to 3900 lm to match equivalent CDM 35 W MASTERColour Elite
Narrow, medium and wide beam available
Passive cooling


Fashion retail: fashion stores, high-end fashion stores
Supermarkets: non-food areas
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Product family details
  • RS740B (compact, fixed version), light source color CrispWhite (CRW)
  • RS741B (compact, adjustable version), light source color CrispWhite (CRW)
  • RS750B (performance, fixed version), light source color CrispWhite (CRW)
  • RS751B (performance, adjustable version), light source color CrispWhite (CRW)
  • RS752B (performance, elbow version), light source color CrispWhite (CRW)
Ceiling type
  • Plaster (board) ceiling
Light source
  • Non-replaceable LED module
  • Compact versions: 20 W (LED11S), 22 W (LED17S), 34 W (LED27S)
  • Performance versions: 32 W (LED27S), 60 W (LED39S)
Beam angle
  • Compact versions: NB (11º), MB (25º), WB (35º)
  • Performance versions: NB (15º) ,MB (22º), WB (36º), VWB (52º)
Luminous flux
  • Compact fixed and adjustable versions: 1500 lm (for LED11S), 1700 lm (for LED17S), 2700 lm (for LED27S)
  • Performance fixed and adjustable versions: 3900 lm (for LED39S)
  • Performance elbow versions: 2700 lm (for LED27S), 3900 lm (for LED39S)
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 3000 K
Color Rendering Index
  • 95 (light color 930, CrispWhite)
Standard deviation color matching
  • 3
Median useful life L70B50
  • 70,000 hours
Median useful life L80B50
  • 50,000 hours
Median useful life L90B50
  • 25,000 hours
Average ambient temperature
  • +25 ºC
Driver failure rate
  • 1% per 5000 hours
Operating temperature range
  • +10 to +35 ºC
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