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      RS740B LED39S/PW930 PSE-E MB WH
      RS740B LED39S/PW930 PSE-E MB WH

      RS740B LED39S/PW930 PSE-E MB WH

      Order code: 910500459048

      Full Product Code: 871869697310300


      Size:575.5 kB

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    General Information
    Number of light sources
    1 pc
    Lamp family code
    LED39S  [ LED Module, system flux 3900 lm]
    Beam angle of light source
    120 °
    Light source color
    Premium white with CRI ≥90
    Light source replaceable
    Number of gear units
    1 unit
    Driver/power unit/transformer
    Power supply unit DC-compatible, external
    Driver included
    Optic type
    Medium beam
    Optical cover/lens type
    Clear glass
    Luminaire light beam spread
    Control interface
    Push-in connector and pull relief
    Protection class IEC
    Safety class II
    Glow-wire test
    Temperature 650 °C, duration 5 s
    Flammability mark
    For mounting on normally flammable surfaces
    CE mark
    CE mark
    ENEC mark
    ENEC mark
    UL mark
    Warranty period
    5 years
    *-Per Lighting Europe guidance paper “Evaluating performance of LED based luminaires - January 2018”: statistically there is no relevant difference in lumen maintenance between B50 and for example B10. Therefore the median useful life (B50) value also represents the B10 value.
    Constant light output
    Number of products on MCB of 16 A type B
    RoHS mark
    RoHS mark
    Product family code
    RS740B  [ LuxSpace Accent Compact G3]
    Operating and Electrical
    Input Voltage
    220 to 240 V
    Input Frequency
    50 to 60 Hz
    Control signal voltage
    Initial CLO power consumption
    - W W
    Average CLO power consumption
    - W W
    Inrush current
    14.5 A
    Inrush time
    0.22 ms
    Power Factor (Min)
    Controls and Dimming
    Mechanical and Housing
    Housing Material
    Reflector material
    Polycarbonate aluminum coated
    Optic material
    Optical cover/lens material
    Fixation material
    Optical cover/lens finish
    Overall height
    126 mm
    Overall diameter
    106 mm
    Approval and Application
    Ingress protection code
    IP44  [ Wire-protected, splash-proof]
    Mech. impact protection code
    IK02  [ 0.2 J standard]
    Initial Performance (IEC Compliant)
    Initial luminous flux (system flux)
    3900 lm
    Luminous flux tolerance
    Initial LED luminaire efficacy
    101.2987012987013 lm/W
    Init. Corr. Color Temperature
    3000 K
    Init. Color Rendering Index
    Initial chromaticity
    (0.42, 0.39) SDCM <3
    Initial input power
    38.5 W
    Power consumption tolerance
    Over Time Performance (IEC Compliant)
    Control gear failure rate at median useful life 50000 h
    5 %
    Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 50000 h
    Application Conditions
    Ambient temperature range
    +10 to +40 °C
    Performance ambient temperature Tq
    25 °C
    Suitable for random switching
    Yes (relates to presence/ movement detection and daylight harvesting)
    Product Data
    Full product code
    Order product name
    RS740B LED39S/PW930 PSE-E MB WH
    EAN/UPC - Product
    Order code
    Numerator - Quantity Per Pack
    Numerator - Packs per outer box
    Material Nr. (12NC)
    Net Weight (Piece)
    0.740 kg

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    Installation Diagrams
    RS740B - LED Module, system flux 3900 lm - Power supply unit external, DC compatible for central emergency lighting - Medium beam
    RS740B - LED Module, system flux 3900 lm - Power supply unit external, DC compatible for central emergency lighting - Medium beam

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