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Fugato Mini, accent lighting

Fugato Mini Accent – optimized performance for retail applications

      Product family information

      Fugato Mini Accent is part of the Fugato downlight range, which stands for optimal lighting performance, great functionality and consistency in design. It offers miniaturized fixed (250 series), adjustable (252 series) and cardanic (254 series) recessed downlights with compact discharge lamps. The platform cut-out is 125 mm.As well as the standard 12, 24 and 36º beam optics, very high-efficiency optics are available in 24 and 36º for the cardanic and adjustable versions. Together with the latest MASTERColour Elite and Evolution lamps, these very high-efficiency optics can halve energy consumption compared to outdated technology.Fugato Mini Accent’s compact dimensions and reduced heat emission allow it to be mounted close to the merchandise.


      Optimum lighting performance, plus energy saving
      Wide choice of variants serving all applications and offering maximum functionality
      Consistency in design across the entire family


      Full range of CDM Elite+ lamps (+10% flux, +10% efficiency), including MASTERColour CDM LightBoost, which can be varied in flux from 50 to 100% to save energy or to highlight selected merchandize. Also MASTERColour CDM Evolution for lasting sparkle.
      Extensive range of reflectors provides the ideal lighting solution for every retail application. The range includes eight high-efficiency reflectors with a light output ratio of up to 85%.
      The fixed version’s ‘dual optic’ concept delivers low glare levels, thereby ensuring visual comfort
      Can be equipped with AspiraVision electronic ballasts with Softstart and through-wiring for additional savings
      Energy-efficient, low-maintenance


      Fashion retail
      Food displays
      Software Plugins
      Product family details
      • MBS250 (fixed, HID lamp version)
      • LBS250, QBS250 (fixed, halogen lamp version)
      • MBS252 (adjustable, HID lamp version)
      • MBS254 (cardanic adjustable, HID lamp version)
      • LBS254, QBS254 (cardanic adjustable, halogen lamp version)
      Light source
      • HID:
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-TC / G8.5 / 35, 70 W
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-TC Elite LightBoost / G8.5 / 70 W
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-TC Elite / G8.5 / 35, 50, 70 W
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-R PAR20 / E27 / 35 W
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-TCF Elite / G8.5 / 70 W
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution / GU8.5, GU12 / 35 W
      • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-TC Evolution / GU8.5, GU12 / 35 W
      • Halogen:
      • 1 x Capsuline / GY6.35 / 75 W
      • 1 x HalogenA PAR20 / E27 / 50 W
      Lamp included
      • Yes (K or lamp color 740, 830, 925, 930 or 942)
      Lamp position
      • Vertical
      Light distribution
      • Direct
      • Electronic, 230-240 V / 50-60 Hz:
      • Electronic Ballast (EB)
      • AspiraVision (EBA)
      • AspiraVision DALI (EBD)
      • Electronic Economic (EBE)
      • Electronic (ET) (for halogen lamp version)
      • Narrow beam: standard 12º (12)
      • Medium beam:
      • High reflective, 24 and 36º (24-H and 36-H) (only MBS254)
      • Standard 24 and 36º (24, 36)
      • Cable + Wieland GST18/3 (CW)
      • Push-in connector (PI)
      • Screw connection block (SI)
      • Cable and plug (CCE)
      • Wieland connectors
      • Wieland trough wiring
      • Housing: die-cast aluminum
      • Mounting frame: stainless steel
      • Reflector: aluminum, very high reflective
      • Front cover: glass (only in case of CDM lamps)
      • Grey (GR), white (WH) or black (BK)
      • Other RAL colors available on request
      • Fixation by means of spring fasteners
      • Tilting:
      • Cardanic version: 40º
      • Adjustable version: 45º
      • Direct lamp access
      • Protection glass, sculptural lens, different filters
      • MASTERColour CDM-T versions are delivered with protection glass
      • Housing has safety suspension points for chain, cable or threaded rod
      • MASTERColour CDM-Elite LightBoost only in combination with AspiraVision DALI
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