MSR Hot Restrike –instant daylight at any time

MSR Hot Restrike

MSR Hot Restrike

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Thanks to an optimized color temperature and a high color rendering index, the MSR Hot Restrike creates perfect ‘daylight’ in any condition. Also, the single ended lamp design enables hot re-ignition, which ensures daylight lighting and superb color rendition is always instantly available. They also incorporate the innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips, which allows use at higher temperatures and therefore extends lifetime and consistency of high-quality light output.


Enables use at higher temperatures in any burning position. Longer lifetime, fewer early failures, consistent performance over time
Perfect daylight color due to 6000K temperature with excellent color characteristics required for the set
No arc movement
High lumen output
High beam intensity
Hot re-ignition is possible ensuring the availability of the light at any time


Philips Pinch Protection
MSR filling
Optimal discharge tubes geometry
High efficacy
Single ended lamp concept
Hot Restrike capability


Can be operated on an electronic power supply or a magnetic ballast-ignitor combination
Hot re-ignition is possible with a high voltage peak of 25 - 55 kV


Indoor and outdoor filming
Professional photography
Solar simulation
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