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PAR56 and PAR 64 – picking out the smallest of details

PAR56 and PAR64

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    These self-contained spotlights are ideal for intensifying the visual experience in all kinds of clubs, that is because their accurate beam control picks out even the smallest of details even over long distances. This beam control makes the PAR 56 and PAR 64 excellent for long-range light projections. In addition, the universal burning feature provides complete flexibility of luminaires angle and position, while the front glass of the PAR56 provides thermal and physical protection. The result? Complete creative freedom to achieve the desired effect. Immediate re-strike also ensures instant resumption of entertainment after any power interruption.


    Allows details to be picked out over long distances with good beam control
    Excellent for long-range light projections
    Provides thermal and physical protection
    Allows fullest flexibility of luminaire angle and position to obtain the desired effect
    Immediate re-strike after any power interruption


    Self-contained spotlight
    Front glass
    Universal burning
    Hot restrike


    Ideal for a wide range of performance and event lighting applications, for example in clubs, studios and theaters
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