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    Philips Director Family has a unique shape and coating which directs light out the front of the bulb and concentrates a soft white light that is easy on the eyes. The Director light bulb is superior to ordinary bulbs because less light is lost inside the lighting fixture and more is directed where it is needed.


    Directs light out of fixture and onto area where light is needed.
    35% more light where it is needed*
    *Philips Director light bulb places 35% or more light on the surface than ordinary light bulbs for cone angles of 150 degrees or less.


    Unique bulb shape.
    Special coating inside the bulb.
    Available in 40, 60, 75, and 100 Watts.


    Ideal for floor lamps and indoor recessed and track fixtures
    Desk top lights, artists' lights
    Workshop light fixtures
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