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    Reflector Infrared BR40,PAR38

    Incandescent Infrared Reflector Flood

    Reflector Infrared BR40,PAR38
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        Product family information

        Philips Family of Specialty Incandescents provide the perfect light for dramatic accents and display lighting as well as general lighting in a variety of applications. Philips Infrared lamps are suited for heating and drying in industrial and commercial aplications. These incandescent, gas-filled infrared heat lamps come up to full temperature almost immediately, eliminating costly warm-up time. Highly efficient heat generators that produce a minimum of light rays and a high amount of infrared radiation. The BR40 lamp provides a built-in reflector for radiant energy control.


        No warm-up time required.
        Decreased heat loss.


        Instantaneous heat
        Radiated heat only warms object to be heated
        Build-in reflector for radiant energy control


        Ideal for bathroom recessed fixtures and commercial and industrial applications.
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