Direct retrofit and long life with immediate energy savings

Energy Advantage CDM Lamps with Allstart Technology

Energy Advantage CDM Lamps with Allstart Technology

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    Philips Energy Advantage CDM lamps with AllStart Technology is a high-efficiency protected “O” rated CDM lighting solution that provides energy savings without compromising light quality.


    Reduced maintenance and recycling costs
    Direct retrofit for both probe and pulse start magnetic ballasts (not suitable for operation on electronic ballasts)
    Excellent color rendering of CRI ≥ 85


    Provides crisp, white light
    Up to 100 lumens per watt
    Universal operating position that does not affect the lamp life; exception: 860W vertical position only.
    Long life ≥ 20,000 hrs rated average life1
    * 330W CDM lamp with AllStart™Technology compared to 400W quartz Metal Halide lamp. 1 Rated average life is the life obtained on the average, from large representative groups of lamps in laboratory tests under controlled conditions at 10 or more operating hours per start. It is based on survival of at least 50% of the lamps and allows for individual lamps or groups of lamps to vary considerably from the average.


    Ideal for high-ceiling industrial, retail and distribution centers as well as outdoor applications.
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