The ultimate step in energy saving with TL5 High Output

MASTER TL5 High Output EcoPlus

MASTER TL5 High Output EcoPlus

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TL5 High Output EcoPlus lamp (tube diameter 16 mm) provides extra energy savings by simple lamp-for-lamp replacement of TL5 HO Eco lamps, at the expense of slightly reduced light output. No compromises are made on the excellent TL5 lumen maintenance, lifetime and color rendering. Application areas vary from offices and industry to schools and retail environments.


Up to 20% energy saving simply by changing the lamp
The same quality of light as from MASTER TL5 HO lamps
All benefits of regular TL5 lamps


High lamp efficacies up to 107 lm/W
Up to 20% power reduction compared with standard MASTER TL5 HO lamps and up to 10% compared with TL5 HO Eco lamps


All current non-dimmable TL5 HO indoor applications, e.g. offices, schools, supermarkets, industrial facilities with room temperatures above 20 °C (which means temperatures around the lamp of over 25-30 °C)
Not recommended for use where there is a strong air flow around the lamps
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