Fluorescent lighting for cold environments

MASTER TL-D Xtreme Polar

MASTER TL-D Xtreme Polar

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The MASTER TL-D Xtreme Polar lamp offers highest light output in cold conditions because of the insulation that is created by putting a TL-D (T8) lamp into a T12 tube. The lamp is especially suitable for applications with long burning cycles in cold environments.


High lighting level in low-ambient-temperature applications compared with other fluorescent tubes
Sharp reduction in maintenance costs due to high reliability and long lifetime
Supports end-user sustainability programs (low mercury level and low waste due to long lifetime)


Improved light output in low ambient temperatures
Peak luminous flux for 58 W is reached at an ambient temperature of -5 °C around the lamp
The same reliable, long‑lifetime performance as regular MASTER TL-D Xtreme


Indoor: cold stores and other refrigerated areas
Outdoor: petrol stations, car parks, shipping docks, petrochemical plants, sign lighting, tunnels
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