Long life, shatterfree fluorescent lighting

MASTER TL-D Xtra Secura

MASTER TL-D Xtra Secura

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This TL-D Xtra lamp has a protective coating that keeps glass and lamp components together in the event of accidental breakage. The lamp is easily identifiable by a blue ring at one end. Application areas are all places where glass shatters can disturb operations and can have an impact on product and people safety, e.g. the food and beverage industry. The lamp has a Teflon coating. It is compliant with HACCP regulations.


Protective Teflon coating keeps glass and lamp components together in case of accidental breakage; allows use in open and closed luminaires in food & beverages industry
Easy identification in audit situations by blue ring at one end
Special fluorescent coating gives good color rendering
Extra-long lifetime and reduced early failures mean lower maintenance workload and costs, and facilitate change from spot to group replacement
Reduced waste and disposal costs at end-of-life
Compliant with HACCP regulations and supports HACCP certification


Protective coating (Teflon) around the lamp, indicated by one blue ring at one end
Extra-long life and high reliability, identified by x-shaped end-cap to distinguish the lamp from other fluorescent lamps
Recommended to use with electronic gear that allows higher efficacy and longer lifetime
Use in open and closed luminaires possible (as indicated by one blue ring), due to strong, temperature-resistant coating


Food & beverages and pharmaceuticals industry: factories, distribution centres, retail outlets; locations where maintenance costs are high (high ceilings, difficult access)
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