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Energy-saving lamp in a decorative, spiral shapeOptimal combination of high energy efficiency and compact size


Decorative look; lamps can be used in places where they are directly visible, adding some decorative effect
Very compact size and wide range allowing easy replacement of most GLS lamps from 25 W up to 150 W
More than 80% energy saving effect compared with incandescent lamps of similar light output
Fewer replacements and high energy efficiency ensure lower energy bills and lower total cost of ownership


Spiral-shaped alternative to incandescent lamps
More light from the same wattage and length compared to other CFL-I lamps
Better light distribution compared with common ‘stick’ CFL-I lamps
Average lifetime up to eight times longer than an incandescent lamp


Replacement of incandescent lamps both in professional and home applications (hotels, restaurants, shops, individual)
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