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Energy Saver 3-Way

Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents - Going green never looked so good.

Energy Saver 3-Way

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      Looking for an energy saver that does not look like one? The Philips EnergySaver family provides energy efficient lighting options that don't just provide similar light as your standard incandescent light bulb, they also have the same classic shapes. Try the Philips EnergySavers and see how they truly provide advanced lighting designed around your needs.


      Philips Energy Saver 3-Way Twister provides energy savings and reduced operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared to standard incandescent equivalents.
      Save 39/77/116 watts inyour 3-way lam[ps whenyou replace a 50/100/150 w incandescent 3-way with Philips 11/23/34 W Energy Saver 3-Way twister.
      Energy savings and long life can impact your bottom line.


      Similar light output as standard incandescent lamps
      Compact size fits many small fixtures
      Instant on
      Long Life–Lasts up to 7 years*
      Terrific energy savings–uses up to 70% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs, a real impact to your bottom line!
      Available in: 11/23/34 Watt version (equivalent50/100/150)
      *Based on an average daily usage of 3-4 hours/day, 7 days/week


      Ideal for table/floor lamps and reading lamps
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