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Genie Plus

New generation of U-shaped energy-saving lamps delivers better value for money

Genie Plus

      Product family information

      This U-shaped energy-saving lamp is designed as a more affordable, longer-lasting replacement for incandescent lamps. The product family includes lamps ranging from 8 to 23 W, allowing easy replacement of most GLS lamps from 30 to 100 W.


      Saves over 80% energy compared with incandescent lamps with a similar light output
      Average lifetime up to 8 times longer than that of incandescent lamps, reducing the need for lamp replacement


      U-shaped energy-saving lamp with long lifetime of up to 8 000 hours
      Better light distribution than the previous generation of ‘stick’ CFL-I lamps
      Low mercury content to protect the environment


      Widely used to replace incandescent lamps in all kinds of general lighting applications
      Not suitable for dimming or for electronic devices
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