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Philips NatureDynamics 
Increase yield through animal wellbeing

For each application we offer a complete system solution

Universal White System

For all farm animals (chicken, pigs, cows) suitable solution allowing for multiple applications from single use in a low barn to multi use in a high stable.
Poultry white 20 - ISO view-plus-detail


The core of the system is the NatureDynamics White. This tube is dimmable (0-10V) and can be used in a single row or combined in a multi setting of up to 3 tubes.


With the all-round Clip, the tubes can be easily installed in a number of ways (clipped to a wire mounted on a beam etc.)
nature dynamics

Pentamount Clip

With the Pentamount Clip, assembly of two or three tubes which have a prescribed orientation is possible.

Connection Kit

To connect the system to the controller, this IP67 certified cable allows for easy installation and closure.

Driver Dimmer Control

This Dimmer Control ensures that all the tubes are consistently controlled with a 0-10V dimmer.