Better Chrysanthemum flowering and rooting with Far Red LEDs

New research shows that far red LEDs can speed up flowering and rooting for Chrysanthemums and other floriculture crops. A new Far Red LED toplighting module is now available.


Based on trials in flowering plants, we carry out research projects on the effect of the lighting spectrum on both the photosynthesis (creating biomass) and morphology of flowers. Results from new research carried out with the Wageningen University & Research Center (WUR), show that adding a bit of far red light speeds up flowering of floriculture applications. Besides the effect on flowering, we have also seen some positive effects on rooting.

Philips GreenPower toplight DR/W/FR_1

Now you can offer your floriculture customers a new spectral version of our GreenPower LED toplighting module in the high output range to help them boost the flowering and rooting of their Chrysanthemums and other crops. The ordering information is found in the table below.
GPL toplighting module DR/W/FR_1 LB 400V
9290 015 09006
3 pcs


This module is priced the same as the other versions in this range, and is not available in North America.


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