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Setting the scene. Capturing the mood. Ramping up the emotion. Lighting designers are tasked with creating the kind of stage and theater magic that captivates audiences.

Theater has a passion, energy and intensity that need to be conveyed through pitch-perfect lighting. That’s why leading lighting designers use Philips Entertainment luminaires not just sources of illumination, but as part of the narrative.

Top shows like Lord of the Rings, Grease, High School Musical, Starlight Express and Cirque de Soleil have captivated audiences with stunning lighting designs featuring Philips Entertainment luminaires.

Latest theater highlights:

Philips Lighting moves
Opera Sanxay to new 
heights of dynamic presentation

Philips Entertainment Lighting has worked closely with Opera Sanxay to introduce the first-ever moving light rig for the celebrated Soirées Lyrique de Sanxay opera festival.

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