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Strand Lighting

Connected control and
digital dimming

No future challenge seems too daunting when your name has a 100-year heritage. Philips Strand is constantly adapting to the demands of modern theater, film and TV, as well themed environments and architecture.

We offer the world's most comprehensive and competitive range of conventional and LED luminaires, digital dimming equipment, control systems and software, connected lighting solutions that answer the creative needs of lighting designers world-wide.


If you want to create a lasting impression, Strand will always deliver.

I personally love how easily the Philips Strand NEO handles intelligent LED functions, and it's much more intuitive than other consoles in organizing how you program these lighting technologies."

Mark Batts,

Batts AVL

Featured Strand products

NEO Console product image

NEO Console

The NEO console is Philips Strand Lighting’s fully featured entertainment lighting control console that can be easily expanded to accommodate the growing needs of its users from smaller plays and assemblies, all the way up to extravagant musicals and complex live events.

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