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It's all about the show

Of course, the show must go on. And that means reliable lighting. But with an expectant crowd and often months of preparation, it just isn’t enough. The lighting you choose also needs to bring out the very best in the creative performance. That’s where Showline is right in the front line.

Impress your audience and create a real buzz about your show by choosing these LED luminaires and drivers, which set a new standard. Built specifically for the entertainment industry, Philips Showline means high-performance lighting, as well as seamless color, dimming and operation.

With a three-year warranty, you have complete peace of mind that this rugged equipment will stand up to all the usual demands and stresses of the show environment. And the specifications and feature set draw on all the technological expertise of Philips – an international business with a worldwide heritage and pedigree.


It’s all about reliability. All about spectacle. All about the show.

I knew Philips Showline strobes would be perfect for this tour. I employed them as both  a powerful wash at points and super bright punchy strobe at others."

Louis Oliver

Oculus, Lighting Designer

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A compact high performance moving head luminaire delivering powerful output with fast and quiet movement. The precision framing system is a unique feature for a small compact luminaire, an ideal solution for designers with challenging space requirements desiring total beam control.

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