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Taking lighting a stage further

In the world of theater and specialized displays, Selecon is known for its stunning output and ability to transform a performance. Infinite color choice. Unrivalled consistency. All thanks to the latest in digital LED technology. So when a performer takes to the stage, Selecon takes the lighting a stage further.

So much of the magic happens behind the scenes. And with Selecon, you know you have the power to conjure a fantastic performance.


Its market-leading optics, super-smooth dimming and endless choice of color allow for impressive output. The luminaires are also highly versatile and can be used across a range of different venues and events.


Selecon. It’s for people like you, who believe backstage should be center-stage.

The Philips Selecon fixtures are ideal for their requirements as they are easily operated, offer super color mixing and consume much less power than the previous system."

Reg Berry,

Director at National Stage Technology

Featured Selecon products

PLfresnel1 MKII

PLfresnel1 MKII

A general purpose lighting fixture for theater, small studio, and display lighting applications producing an adjustable cone of light with soft edges, easily blended with adjacent beams for even illumination. The PL1 MKII series offers boosted color benefits with high color consistency across a family of matched products and increased color rendering with no color fringing.

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