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Philips Vari-Lite
VL800 BeamLine

Available in all regions

A linear moving head unit offering a wide variety of unique effects and animation options. 

The VL800 BeamLine’s 12 RGBW LED emitters produce a bright (>3000 lumen) and distinctive, flat sheet of light with a collimated 3.5° beam angle. The unit offers advanced dynamic capabilities with fast, continuous pan and tilt, plus Vari-Lite’s exclusive Mega-step and Twist functions on both pan and tilt channels.

The VL800 BeamLine’s unique looking optical system and comprehensive RGBW color mixing capabilities are complemented by the possibility for pixel-mapping in 12-zone mode, allowing for the extra dimension of video integration.


The VL800 BeamLine is compact and lightweight, designed to maximize performance, reliability and ease of maintenance, and priced to offer customers a fast and high return on investment.

Key features and benefits

Linear strip moving light
12 x RGBW LED emitters
3.5° beam angle
Continuous pan and tilt
Fast, repeatable synchronized movement
Compact and lightweight
>3000 lumen output
Mega-step and Twist effects

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