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Philips Selecon
Display Profile (SDP)

Available in EMEA and Asia

The SDP delivers accurate shaping of the beam and precise pattern or logo projection.

A sophisticated lighting instrument of timeless appearance. The SDP delivers on the Selecon brand promise for performance (efficient optical system; high quality pattern projections); precision (accurate beam shaping; locking focus adjustments) and simplicity (intuitive operation).


Allen key lock-offs and reference scales for all adjustments offers the means to effectively assure the integrity of the original lighting design.

Key features and benefits

High light output for a LED luminaire of this size.
Condenser optics provide a very flat beam distribution ideal for pattern projection and precise illumination.
Engineered from precision aluminium pressure die-castings.
Two zoom optical systems: 16°-35° and 30°–50°.
All adjustable parameters are lockable using Allen key tool, including: pan and tilt, rotatable lens tube +/- 45°, zoom lens adjustments
Reference scales for all adjustments.
Internal pattern holder with external image alignment.
Shutters can be locked in position.
Two front accessory slots for Ø93mm colored and UV glass filters; plastic filter holder.
User made transparency film gobos can be used.
Three year limited warranty.

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