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Philips Strand
SD6 Dimmer Pack


Only available in EMEA and Asia - Discontinued 23rd April

Specifically designed for 230 / 240 volt dimming markets, the Philips Strand SD6 digital dimmer pack offers user-friendly controls in a portable, rack mount package.

The SD6 digital dimmer pack contains six 13 Amp (2.5kW) 230 / 240 volt dimmers. Each dimmer can be configured directly from the unit’s on-board LCD menu for dimming or non-dim operation, minimum / maximum output levels, dimming curves, and more.
Philips Strand SD6 Dimmer Pack

Key features and benefits

Six 13 Amp (2.5kW) dimmers for 230/240 volt operation
Main circuit breaker for each dimmer
Designed for single or three-phase supplies
Fully digital control electronics
DMX512-A in/out
Simple set-up using front panel keypad and LCD display
Chase and scene pattern library for standalone operation
Individual dimming curve selection for each dimmer
DMX512-A addressing with individual patching for all dimmers
Two year limited warranty

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