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Philips Showline
SD Driver 1, SD Driver 3 and SD Driver 4


Only available in EMEA and Asia - Discontinued 23rd April

Compact LED control solutions and tools for entertainment lighting networks

The SD-DRIVE family are dimmers for controlling LED light sources. Single-channel, three-channel, or four-channel dimmers are available. Their compact size is ideal for installation in confined spaces, with a choice of control modes that make them suitable for a wide range of installation applications. 

Removable terminal sockets allow for easy replacement, and the 10-12 position dipswitches enable fast and simple configuration. Choose between DMX or analogue input for maximum control flexibility.
Philips Showline SD Drivers

Key features and benefits

DMX start address configurable
Four Channel LED Dimmer
DMX 512 input
Output current selectable between 350mA and 700mA
12 position dipswitch for addressing and setup
DMX control mode, manual dim mode, Auto mode
Two year limited warranty

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