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Philips Strand

Only available in EMEA and Asia

The Relayrack relay panel is a simple to install, program and use 12-channel relay panel.

Each channel is rated for 220~240VAC, 2kW / 10 Amp output (single or 3-phase star) and is the perfect solution for any space or where reliable circuit switching is required.

The Relayrack relay panel is controlled either by RDM (E1.20-2006), DMX512 , or protocols making it adaptable to small or large-scale systems.
Philips Strand Relayrack

Key features and benefits

Maximum power – 120 Amps at 230VAC single phase or 40 Amps per phase in 3-phase applications
Supports RDM (E1.20-2006), DMX512-A, and control protocols
Local control for each channel located on the panel for easy setup and installation
Single panic input for fire alarms
Separate DMX512-A addressing for each channel
10 Amps output on each circuit for resistive loads (8 Amps per circuit for inductive loads) in single or 3-phase
2 line, 8 character LCD display to view current operational status and channel states
Over-current protection – 10 Amp circuit breaker for each channel
12-channel relay panel
Two year limited warranty

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