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Philips Strand
R21 S21 Distributive dimmer system

Only available in Americas

Perfect extensions to our C21 and A21 range.

Strand Lighting's powerful ShowNet Ethernet network allows easy integration of your entire lighting system with consoles, houselight systems and portable and fixed dimming racks all connecting seamlessly over a network. The heart of the system is our powerful remote Raceway processor which can be located in the control room, stage manager panel or any control location.

Ideal for smaller systems, S21 Dimmer Strips may be used in schools, churches or any facility that does not have space for conventional dimmer racks. Easy to install and use.
Philips Strand R21 Raceway
Philips Strand S21 Distributive dimming systems

Key features and benefits

Guardian software allows remote configuration and status monitoring over our network as well.
Each raceway can have dimmed and switched circuits for conventional luminaires and constant power for automated lighting systems as well as data distribution throughout.
Fully Digital Powered Raceway
DMX 512 I/O
Simplified Data distribution over ShowNet Networking
Remote processor option provides support for up to 96 dimmers
Quiet convection cooled dual IGBT dimmers
Wide range of load connector options. Integrates with Strand C21 and A21 Dimmers. Hangers available for Wall and pipe mount applications
Energy efficient - only a 2.5 volt insertion loss
Automatic Short Circuit protection
1000 μs transition time significantly reduces lamp sing
Dimmer Status reporting standard, UL, cUL listed.

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