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Philips Selecon
PLprofile4 MKII

Available in all regions

 high output interchangeable modular profile luminaire base, supporting a wide range of rotatable lens tubes.

The innovative combination of LED source technology and precision optical design, allows for lens tubes with a range of both zoom and fixed angle options. The rotatable barrel gives 360° adjustment allowing shutter cuts and gobos to be orientated where desired.


A newly introduced power feature enables the unit to save even more power when not in use, further reducing its carbon footprint.

Key  features and benefits

Four RGBW LED array deliver limitless color mixing and variable color temperature
Seven optical systems.
All lens tubes are interchangeable and can be ordered separately. 360° barrel rotation.
Infinite color choice from the RGBW engines supporting color temperatures from 2900K to 9060K in white. Quick selection of warm white, cool white, and daylight.
Homogenized fully mixed color output light, no multiple color shadows.
Color presets simplifies matching other light sources.
User-defined on-board presets states available to record your color composition.
Constant color balance down to very low light levels irrespective of intensity setting.
DMX512-A / RDM input/output with RDM.
On-board LCD menu for ease of luminaire set-up and addressing.
No ultra-violet (wavelengths of less than 400nm) – for UVA, B or C or the Infrared spectrum (wavelengths of more than 775nm).
powerCON in and DMX data in and through connectors included on the top box (PL1CB).

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