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Philips Strand
NEO Console

Available in all regions

The NEO Software provides an expandable control system, catering for the needs and requirements of our most demanding customers.

The scalability of the system allows the user to grow and take advantage of the LED revolution with an intuitive and flexible software base.

The NEO Software takes pride of place, providing a fully integrated part of a system, allowing seamless control of both production and architectural lighting.

Philips Strand NEO Console

Key features and benefits

Up to 100 universes of DMX
Touchscreen capable interface
Unlimited cues, cue lists, groups, palettes, effects and macros
Tracking, cue only and hybrid tracking programing
Flexible shortcut system
Generic palettes
Time line effects
Multi-User control user security system
Timed events with sunrise / sunset
Two year limited warranty
Whether you are lighting your high school musical or Niagara Falls, the Strand NEO provides the designer and programmer with the tools needed to get the job done right."

Alan McIntosh,

Senior Lighting Designer Mulvey & Banani Lighting

NEO Fader Wings

Adding to our NEO family of products are the NEO fader wings. NEO fader wings can be used to provide additional physical fader playback and submasters, depending on model, to your NEO lighting control console.

The interconnection between each wing and the control console is via a USB connection and can be powered either directly from 
your NEO console or plugged directly into a common power outlet through an optional power supply.

NEO Playback Wing

NEO Submaster Wing

10 motorized submasters with backlit bump buttons
5 Motorized multi-function faders with go / stop / back backlit buttons
5 color LCD screens with status displays and fader identification
20 Non-motorized submasters with backlit bump buttons
5 color LCD screens with status displays and fader identification
Backlit page up and down buttons for independent paging of submaster banks

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