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Philips Strand


(Available in Americas) - Discontinued 23rd April

Excellent light output, superb distribution, and the smoothest soft edge;  while maintaining beam size for sharp gobo, edge, and shutter focus.

LEKO LITE luminaires are affordable, safe, and easy to use general purpose stage lighting fixtures.  Whether your needs are for a small theatre, studio, display lighting, church, school, or a Broadway production; LEKO LITE luminaires provide designers with the tools needed to create the perfect look.

Key features and benefits

Precision Optical System with high-light output. Multi-faceted dichroic glass reflector for maximum output performance.
Cool-beam operation for extended gobo, shutter, and gel life.
X,Y, and Z axis beam peak/flat field adjustment for optimum performance.
Available in six fixed beam or two variable beam angle models.
Fixed beam models available in 5°; 10°; 19° 26° 36°; and 50°beam angles. Variable beam models available in 15°; to 32°; and 23°; to 50°.
Easy lamp change without the use of tools. Lamp options – 575W, 750W (115V) or 800W (230V) Philips Hi-Brite, FastFit lamps.
Consumes significantly less energy while providing more light than most conventional 1000W/1200W spotlights.
Easy access gobo/iris holders with two slots for gobo and iris. Wide gate will fit 2 gobo holders, including glass gobo holder, drop-in iris or rotating gobo holder.
Three plane, four independent beam shutters for triangular shutter cuts. Smooth 360° body rotation for quick and easy gobo and shutter positioning.
Utilizes Fast Fit Lamp technology.
Quick and easy access for reflector and lens cleaning.
Mains isolation via micro-switch for maximum safety while re-lamping.

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