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Philips Selecon
Fresco LED Wall Washer


(Available in EMEA and Asia) - Discontinued 22nd October

A specialist lighting tool for display and commercial lighting applications.

Providing an even wash of light, the Fresco LED Wall Washer is the ideal wall washer or subject flood.

Visually smooth asymmetric beam. Fully blended light source – no fringing. LED engine and precision designed reflector are recessed into the luminaire housing for best glare control commensurate with the beam angles provided.

Key features and benefits

The body is engineered from a combination of aluminium pressure die-castings.
All power cables are internal to mount and body.
Minimal power consumption (13W) and lower maintenance requirement than traditional halogen sources.
Passively cooled – no fans for silent operation.
Positive, precise pan and tilt adjustment with Allen lock off. Reference scales to record / duplicate focus position.
Four flap barndoors to shape / mask the light beam, available to match luminaire color or with the flap interior finished in black.
Three year limited warranty.

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