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Philips Strand
EC21, C21 Rack dimmer systems

The EC21/C21 dimming system represents premium performance and high value for all levels of users.

Designed to interface directly with modern-day Ethernet control systems, EC21 and C21 Racks, which are equipped with a universal processor, have an integrated 4 port Ethernet switch for simplicity. Accompanied with Ethernet control, a wide range of traditional inputs are also available. Two DMX512 inputs are standard with the second input available for use as an RS485 port to support the architectural system.

Both EC21 and C21 Racks are available in two rack sizes with either 24 or 48-module slots for plug-in power modules. These include switched, power through, SCR, IGBT and constant power modules with a range of power levels that may be combined to meet the demands of any system.


All Thyristor dimmers feature high performance chokes with the options of two levels of rise time filtering, independent of load.  IGBT dimmers provide virtually silent loads, while switched modules are perfect for modern DMX controlled electronic loads associated with moving lights and LEDs. 

C21 Racks and modules marked ETL and cETL are designed for 120V markets, while EC21 Racks and modules marked CE are designed for 230V markets. A universal processor designed for 90 to 260 volt operation, also provides comprehensive control.

Key features and benefits

Plug-in modular dimmer system
High and standard rise time filtering for 120v and 230v applications
Universal advanced technology processor featuring front panel
Native architectural control support
Two year limited warranty
Wide range of module types to suit your needs with IGBT, SCR, power switching and bypass modules
Ethernet port for quick connectivity
24 and 48 module racks with lockable, easy view steel doors
Emergency rack panic features

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