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Philips Selecon
Arena Fresnel


(Available in EMEA and Asia) - Discontinued 22nd October

Leading performance for a theater fresnel  with 200mm or 250mm diameter lens.

The Philips Selecon Arena Fresnels are predominantly used in large theater spaces providing an excellent beam quality with a well controlled flat even field with a distinct white-blue tint.

Key  features and benefits

Wide range of beam angles 7-60° or 9-56°.
Integrated safety bond.
Flat even beam with very little spill allows clean masking with barndoor.
Adjustable yoke balance point.
Swing-down door for easy access to lamp or lens.
‘Cool touch technology’ – rear moldings and large rear grab handle.
Choice of GY16 lamp socket for CP72, 2.0kW lamp or G22 lamp socket for CP91 2.5kW or CP92 2.0kW lamp.
‘Posi-slide’ focus system with no metal to metal contact provides smooth focus movement
Effective airflow maintains lower body temperature.
Constructed from pressure die-castings and aluminium extrusion.
Three year limited warranty.

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