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Philips Selecon
Accent LED BeamShaper


(Available in EMEA and Asia) - Discontinued 22nd October

The Accent LED BeamShaper delivers  accurate shaping of the beam and precise pattern or logo projection.

A sophisticated lighting instrument of timeless appearance, with Allen key lock-offs and reference scales for all adjustments offers the means to effectively assure the integrity of the original lighting design.

Key  features and benefits

High quality zoom optical system (24°-39°).
High CRI fixed white delivers excellent color rendering.
Improved beam control and zoom adjustment.
Reference scales for pan/tilt and zoom adjustments.
Improved gobo installation and projection.
Easy mount E size pattern holder included with every luminaire.
Superior glare control and no light spill.
Four captive shaping shutters with integrated shutter lock system.
Hinged opening body for easy cleaning of lenses.
Multiple/integrated accessory & filter mounting slots, to carry Ø50mm color filter, one of which can be up to 4mm thick.
Engineered from precision aluminium pressure die-castings and injection moulded engineering plastic.
Three year limited warranty.

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