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Philips Strand
Accent DMX Pre-set Control Stations

(Only available in EMEA and Asia)

Designed for the European and Asian markets, Philips Strand Accent DMX stations are simple to use and operate. Each station supports up to 48 DMX dimmers

Room 1 has dimmers 1-48, room 2 has dimmers for 49-96 and each additional room increments in blocks of 48 to a maximum of 8 rooms. Room selection is via dipswitch on the back of each station. A21, Wallrack, and C21/EC21 racks support DMX512-A patching allowing the creation of smaller rooms using their integrated Mux patch functionality.

Each station has a built in IR port for use with the included IR remote programer. The programer allows the operator to record, modify and playback presets on each station. Designed to fit in a single gang back box these stations provide a clean simple to use control interface. Pre-sets can be selected at the touch of a button and the integrated raise lower keys allow the operator to master an entire pre-set proportionally.

Key features and benefits

Four and eight pre-set control stations with individual pre-set fade times
Raise lower mastering
Up to 48 dimmers per room, up to 8 stations and 8 rooms per system
Room selection by dip switch selection on control station no special programing required
Compatible with all Strand dimmer racks DMX512-A
Wireless IR remote provided with each station for simple programing and remote pre-set access
Secure, fastener-free faceplates
Fits standard U.S. 1-gang deep masonry box
DMX512-A (1990) output
Two year limited warranty

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