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Philips Strand

(Available in all regions)

Broadcast-grade fresnel, providing a world class LED alternative to the traditional tungsten fresnels, reducing the power consumption by approximately 80%.

Equipped with a smart Strand control user-interface, the color LCD display with 8 soft keys and decoder wheel enables intuitive operation. A USB port also allows for future firmware upgrades or performance data file downloads.


The 400F LED TV fresnel consists of both a tungsten and daylight version. It can be pole-operated or manually-operated, with a pole-operated focusing knob at the front and manual knob at the rear.

Key features and benefits

Available as manual and pole operation
Shaft focus design, with manual knob at rear and angled pole operation cup at the front
3 selectable fan modes for complete control - silent/brightness/on
Selectable LED or “tungsten” response.
Built-in 3 tungsten dimmer curves for matching legacy lighting
950 lux (brightness mode) and 866 lux (silent mode) on Flood position at 5m (16.4 ft)
9100 lux (brightness mode) and 8280 lux (silent mode) at on Spot position at 5m (16.4 ft)
Color LCD display
Easy “touch and turn” operation with 8 soft buttons and wheel
USB port for firmware upgrade and performance log file download
Local and DMX control and RDM setup
PowerCON AC and 5 pin DMX in & thru connectors
Two year limited warranty
Chip Scale Package (CSP) light source 2
Double safety lock on color frame slot

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