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Philips Lighting makes
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The Voice Kids Holland

Photo credits: © The Fifth Estate Ltd.
New VL6000 Beams, provide high-impact looks in Bas de Vries' dynamic lighting design for The Netherlands' popular prime-time talent show - The Voice Kids.
Bas de Vries, Lighting Designer at Light-H-Art, had just two days of camera rehearsals to create distinctive looks for 18 different acts on the show, so needed a lighting rig that would give him a range of options. The Philips VL6000 Beam, drew his attention and Philips Entertainment Lighting worked with Dutch distributor FACE to provide Light-H-Art with the units for the show.

Six of the Philips VL6000 beams were used on the set, mounted on moving trusses arrayed above mid-stage. This allowed him to vary the visual framing of the performance, bringing the six wide beams into play to add a different texture to the beam looks from the rig, and to bring a strong focus onto the central performance area. The VL6000s were at times framing the performance area in open white, or complementing the rest of the rig with color, or even adding bold movement to the spectacle by rising slowly from floor level.

Using the powerful lighting fixture for the first time, de Vries was impressed. "I always like to have a couple of 'big guys' in my lighting rig!" he says. "I really like the beam and the output, and I think it works especially well in combination with all the video that we had in the set."

The Philips VL6000 Beam, a powerful, broad-beamed, mid-air effects light with a large 19" front aperture and a distinctive 'retro' appearance, is finding favour with lighting designers everywhere. Featuring the new and exclusive Philips ellipsoidal reflector array system, it not only produces a striking searchlight effect with a tight, 6.4° beam angle, but is capable of a range of dynamic and subtle low-output effects.

Bas de Vries was particularly impressed by the super bright output and the range of effects available from the Philips VL6000 Beams, saying, "You need at least 12 of these powerful fixtures in every design!"

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