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Photo credits: © DWR Distribution (Pty) Ltd.

Philips new LED 300S TV softlights make their debut on Great South African Bake Off.

In the familiar setting of the Bake Off tent, each of the 12 workstations was illuminated using the new larger Philips Strand 300S 5600K LED softlights, offering low running temperatures, quiet conventional cooling operation, and a high lumen output.

The 300S softlights were fixed with 20° honeycomb and 8-leaf barndoor accessories, so they could be used as either a wash or controllable spotlight. The fixtures – which replicate traditional tungsten light qualities, but with low heat and high light output – ensured each contestant and their creations were lit perfectly, while keeping the workstations cool.

“The light output of the new Philips Strand 300S is far superior than any other cold washlight fixture to date,” commented Christiaan Ballot and Mauritz Neethling of Blond Productions. “The minimal power consumption and low heat output also greatly influenced our choice. We didn’t want the icing – or contestants for that matter – to melt!”

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