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Philips Showline captures  

Tinie Tempah’s style on UK tour

Photo credits: © The Fifth Estate Ltd
Emmy Award-nominated live-music lighting designer, Patrick Dierson, created epic color strobe effects using the SL NITRO 510C on Brit rapper Tinie Tempah’s Demonstration Tour.

Showline SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires were an integral part of the lighting concept for Tinie Tempah’s Demonstration Tour. The design carved up the stage with constantly moving, bold, sweeping looks that swung from the intimate to the epic. 

The SL NITRO 510C, which adds RGB & W LED capabilities to the original SL NITRO 510 luminaire, delivered intense bursts of colored and white light and dynamic effects: “The SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires were able to give us crowd-blinder effects and general eye candy that could help to augment subtle nuances in the tracks,” says Patrick Dierson, Lighting Designer.


“The show itself relies heavily on musical dynamics,” adds Davy Sherwin, Lighting Director. “It goes from small and intimate to full of arena rock. We needed a fixture that was capable of being sensitive to both extremes. That is why the SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires are so appropriate.”


The SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaire’s tightly packed array of 264 high-power fixed white LEDs and 264 RGB LEDs ensure maximum output for both traditional white effects, and an almost infinite choice of color with full field and even distribution across 120.

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