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Land of Our Fathers

Photo credits: © Polly Thomas
Critically acclaimed, award-winning play, Land of our Fathers, used the Philips Selecon PL1 MKII series for crucial colorizing and to heighten emotions throughout this powerful piece of theater. 

International lighting designer Hartley T A Kemp has created lighting designs for some of the world’s most prestigious companies and productions. For Land of our Fathers, he turned to the PLprofile1 MKII and PLfresnel1 MKII luminaires to convey the drama.

“We wanted to create a gritty, oppressive world, based in naturalism, which intensifies as the piece develops. The PL1 MKII LED units provided a color underlay to the lighting states, to suggest light glistening off wet rocks and to help convey emotion, especially during some of the more hyper-real sequences.”

The sense of claustrophobia was intensified by closing in the set with side walls and a roof. The two PLfresnel1 MKII units provided back/side light through the USL doorway, the only opening off the set. Three PLprofile1 MKII units were used as low front system cover, with two further profiles used as low front-of-house booms at just above head-height.

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