Showline strobes join the party in 

WHITE Dubai club

Photo credits: © The Fifth Estate Ltd.
The Middle East’s largest club, WHITE Dubai, delivered a stunning visual experience after investing in over 30 Philips Showline SL NITRO 510C strobes for its third season’s extravagant opening party.

WHITE Dubai used the SL NITRO 510C strobes during its ‘reality-altering’ light show to deliver beat-perfect bursts of color that flood the club with light. “The SL NITRO 510C fixtures played a huge role in providing intense color washes in conjunction with the LED wash lights,” says Dave Parry of Most Technical and the club’s lighting designer. 

For Parry, it was crucial to be able to change color and have a strobe effect running across the entire space. The Philips Showline strobes were positioned on vertical trusses to add a perspective-bending edge to the light show. In future, the club plans to also place some units under the central stage for additional effects.

“As a stand-alone strobe, the SL NITRO 510C is fantastic,” adds Parry. “The icing on the cake is its range of static and macro effects. These give me a much broader palette to work with as a designer.”

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