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Philips Selecon lighting brings

National Military Museum exhibits to life

Photo credits: © Jeffrey Steenbergen
Array of Philips Selecon luminaires adds stunning dimension to the National Military Museum, the largest of its kind in Europe, showcasing the history of the Netherlands’ armed forces.

The National Military Museum (NMM) is a prestigious cultural and historical institution, at the Netherlands’ former Soesterberg air base. Housed in a huge 35,000sqm, 17m-high building, the majority of exhibits are illuminated by Philips Selecon luminaires, giving them a striking realism.

Amsterdam-based agency Rapenburg Plaza was in charge of the lighting design, which included lighting bridges installed in the high ceilings of the museum’s themed halls. As visitors wander through, they experience real-life soldier stories, live-action demonstrations, and awe-inspiring historical images, artifacts and large objects, such as tanks and aircraft – all illuminated by Philips Selecon luminaires.


“The concept for the space is that each of the halls are interactive and follow a storyline,” says lighting designer and Rapenburg Plaza partner Pelle Herfst. “I was very impressed by the optics of the Philips Selecon PL1 series. They are all working very well.”


Rapenburg Plaza chose 42 Philips Selecon PLcyc1, 12 PLprofile1 RGBW and 269 PLfresnel1 RGBW luminaires for key lighting in six of the museum’s themed halls: “The DMX-controlled, color-changing possibilities meant we were able to create a wide range of ambiences for the different thematic spaces,” adds Herfst.

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