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Signify’s LightFest celebrates
National Theatre River Stage collaboration

Photo credits: © Vicki Couchman, The Fifth Estate
LightFest is the culmination of five weeks of performance on the River Stage, which is erected on London’s Southbank in front of the iconic National Theatre. 
The event invites industry movers and shakers to experience the latest fixtures from the Philips Vari-Lite brand, including the VL2600 and VLZ ranges and the VL800 BeamLine, and to meet with key members of the Signify Entertainment Lighting team.

“Our annual LightFest is a great opportunity for us to meet with industry leaders and up-and-coming theatre lighting specialists to showcase our exciting new portfolio of fixtures,” says Amber Etra, Product Application Specialist. “We are proud to sponsor the River Stage Festival for the third consecutive year, bringing to life performances from a diverse array of acts during July and August. And we are thrilled to be able to throw a get-together to celebrate another hugely successful collaboration between Signify Entertainment Lighting and the National Theatre.”

During LightFest, guests heard from River Stage Festival’s chief lighting designer Huw Llewellyn, whose speech described the challenges of outdoor, summertime stage lighting which saw night and daytime performances, in a variety of weather conditions. 

“Without Signify’s support, we couldn’t do what we do with River Stage,” says Llewellyn. “Acts ranged from spoken word to bands, from contemporary dance to DJs, in direct sunlight and after-dark party moments. To be able to utilise the power, features and robustness of the Philips Vari-Lite VL2600s, the VLZs and VL800 BeamLines on the stage made it possible. We busked and programmed an enormous amount of looks and we would never have been able to achieve the high quality of lighting without them.”

The Philips Vari-Lite VL800 BeamLine was new to the River Stage this year. The first LED effects unit from the brand, it allowed Llewellyn to achieve unique, dynamic looks using its advanced movement controls and bright beam of light, adding extra depth and dimension to his design.

LightFest and the River Stage Festival highlights the long-standing relationship between Philips Entertainment Lighting and the National Theatre.

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