colour mixing



Compact blended washes of colour


The Showline SL BAND 300 is a compact ruggedluminaire available in either an IP20 or an IP65model for outdoor applications. Available in tunablewhite or full color mixing RGBW models, the SLBAND 300 delivers exceptional light output. Theluminaire accepts a range of standard beam spreadaccessories to adjust the standard 10 degree beam spreadand hanging hardware suitable for any installation.

Showline SL BAND 300

Features and benefits


  • Delivers 2000 lumens of output
  • Choice of 10 degree or 20 degree
  • One zone of LED control
  • Rugged construction
  • Configure remotely via RDM, or locally through the comprehensive Showline LCD menu system.
  • DMX512A control via 5 pin XLRs
  • Built-in colour presets and chases
*Currently not available in the USA, Canada, or Latin America For more information please contact your Philips Entertainment Regional Sales Manager.
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