and testing

RDM Commander


Test and Commission RDM and DMX Control networks


The RDM Commander is the latest testing, setting and monitoring tool for all DMX and/or RDM capable devices. Aside from the normal characteristics of a standard DMX tester, the unit is equipped with a wide range of additional features for use with RDM ready devices and moving lights; such as address setting, temperature monitoring, group setting, copy and paste and many more. With its in-built rechargeable battery, the RDM Commander is ideal for all on site or bench testing applications.

Showline SD DRIVE 4 LED driver

Features and benefits


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Large clear display
  • Built in rechargeable batteries for easy use in the field
  • Short cut function available
  • SD card slot for program update
*Currently not available in the USA, Canada, or Latin America For more information please contact your Philips Entertainment Regional Sales Manager.
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