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The SL PARBLAZER 100 UV is a high performance UV Par luminaire that delivers a powerful output, generating 395mm UV light from 40 LED emittters, and producing the distinctive visible glow that brings reactive materials and objects leaping to life. Ideal for indoor, outdoor and wet environments the PARBLAZER is a safe alternative to HID and UV Flourescent luminaires. The soft edged beam delivers a light that can be easily blended between multiple luminaires, while providing a defined beam for applications requiring more control.

SL PAR Blazer

Features and benefits


  • Delivers 22000 mW output
  • 20 degree beam angle
  • 395 nm UV light
  • Fully IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • Supplied with easy connect poer and data connectors
  • Rugged construction
  • Configure remotely via RDM, or locally through a simple Showline LCD menu system.
  • DMX512A control
  • Simple onboard LCD menu system
*Currently not available in the USA, Canada, or Latin America For more information please contact your Philips Entertainment Regional Sales Manager.