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Philips HLD LED technology

Where brilliance meets intelligence



Welcome to the HLD LED revolution


As the world leader in both LED lighting and UHP projector lamps, we have continually introduced award-winning innovations for over 25 years. And now, with our latest, HLD LED technology, we have broken the limits of LED brightness in digital projection. HLD LED is unique, in that it works around the “law of etendue” and is set to revolutionize the projector market.


The benefits speak for themselves:  superb color experience and incredible levels of brightness. On top of that, the patented HLD LED technology is energy efficient, scalable, completely maintenance free and environmentally friendly. HLD LED suits any projection solution up to 6,000 ANSI lumen, so it’s very easy to establish a full-scale portfolio, which drastically reduce your investment costs.


Our breakthrough innovation opens up a wide range of possibilities in many applications, from education and corporate settings to screenless TVs.


HLD LED will secure the future of projection, and we are committed to further develop this technology that will allow you to stay ahead of the changing needs of projection All of this is delivered with the quality and reliability of the #1 company in LED lighting.


Philips HLD LED – Where brilliance meets intelligence.